Best Call Recording App for Android

Best Call Recording App for Android

If you witnessed a telephonic conversation or moment that you thought of as a necessary piece of information or beautiful memory you could have conserved for more time or life.

But the lack of a recording facility in your android phone proves to really be a great obstacle. 

Best Call Recording App for Android
Best Call Recording App for Android

Android devices devoid of recording make you helpless when you are in dire need to record calls in various situations like threat calls, blackmailing calls, abusing calls, reminders call for important events, invitation calls for ceremonies, order placement calls, business calls, street address calls, memories of emotional talks with kids or loved ones and much more unmentioned.

Now phones are not provided with in-device call recording applications, but the above-mentioned factors make us feel it necessary to have a call recording app so that we can record them for our interest.

Call recording apps are mobile applications that allow you to record incoming and outgoing calls on your device.

Best Call Recording App for Android enables you to keep an electronic record of calls on your device.

After deep research on the best call recording app for android free download, we selected the apps based on some criteria like automatic or manual call recording capability, both sides of conversation recording during the call,

both incoming and outgoing calls, call recording limit, recorded call storage, recoding save file format, storage destination, transfer to other devices, call recording clarity,

protection from unauthorized persons and pricing for android devices.

If you are in search of which is the best call recording app for android, we here suggest some free and paid call recording apps for android phones.

Tapeacall-ACR Call Recording

The Tapeacall app is a good option for you if want to get your call recorded automatically in the background during a telephonic conversation on your android phone.

It enables you to record both side calls i.e. outgoing and incoming calls on your android device.

It also provides conference call recording for zoom meetings.

It ensures 99% transcription powered by AWS.

You can easily upload desired call recordings to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Evernote.

You can rename your recordings so that you may locate them. It has a push notification that takes you to the recording. It reads the call recording laws of the land.

It is the Best Call Recording App for Android phones as it is reliable, works fast, and has HD call-recording capability.

You can record and keep your calls without any limit because an unlimited number of calls can be recorded.

Those recorded calls are easily transferable to other devices and also it is easy to download recorded calls to the computer.

It has an inbuilt call player which can play its recorded calls when needed. The Tapeacall app’s developer claims it to be secure for your use as a call recorder on your android device but denies Tapeacall for iOS.


  • Transcription powered by AWS
  • Recording for zoom meetings
  • E-mailed as mp3 files
  • Shared via SMS, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Rename your recordings
  • Push notification
  • Reads recording laws of the land


You can use the app for free for seven days. Following the conclusion of your free trial, you won’t be charged. You must purchase apps on the monthly plan for $9.99 and the annual plan for $59.99.

Download the TapeACall Call recording app for android phones

Cube Call recorder

It records both incoming and outgoing calls in very good quality with a cube ACR smart call recorder giving a lot of recording options and sources as per your suitability.

Cube call recorder gives you the option to record regular phone calls, WhatsApp calls, and conversations in other internet voice-over talks like skype, IMO, LINE, and many other apps.

It keeps a backup by saving and sharing your call recordings via Google drive or email.

It works in silent mode and keeps the Cube ACR recording widget and the application hidden.

You can mark the important segments of your recorded conversation by just shaking the phone while in use with ‘Viber’ facility.

It keeps the memory of your device free of clutter call recordings which are no more required by you. You can trust it because it frequently makes updates and improvements in call recording for your device.


  • Records all calls
  • Cube ACR smart call recorder
  • Work in silent mode
  • Geotagging facility
  • Marking call segments with ‘viber’
  • Secure recording with a pin lock.


Cube Call Recorder is a free call-recording app for android phones.

You can download Cube Call Recorder call recording app for android from here.

Blackbox Call Recorder

Blackbox call recorder is an automatic call recording application developed for android devices.

It is a hidden call recorder and records phone calls secretly.

It is developed to support the recording of incoming and outgoing phone calls and is not meant for VoIP call recording like Whatsapp, messenger, Skype, Viber, etc. The stealth mode of Blackbox allows it to be an effective spy call recorder that can secretly perform its duty unnoticed.

This Best Call Recording App for Android can record conversations from both incoming and outgoing calls automatically.

You can also record the calls manually with the on-screen widget.

Its password-protected app does not allow any unauthorized access to your call recording.

It keeps a backup of your call recording and restores data in Google Drive and also cleans clutter recordings of your device storage automatically in a scheduled manner.

You can easily make search for your favorite recorded files and sort them easily.

It is easy to share call recording clips through e-mail and Whatsapp etc. and also has Bluetooth accessory support.

It has a proximity sensor for playback and displays photos and names of the contact.

It gives the option of playback for your call recordings.

It maintains a high-quality file format of call recordings.

It obfuscates your call recordings from the approach of other apps on your mobile.

It keeps the Blackbox hidden on the android device in stealth mode always ready to record calls and along with enabling to track of the location of the phone during the telephonic conversation.


  • Blackbox in stealth mode
  • Track the location of the phone
  • Recording password protected
  • Easy to search and sort
  • Obfuscate call recordings
  • Easy to share
  • Proximity sensor for playback
  • Make a whitelist of contacts
  • Mass select and delete manually


All Android phones can download the free Black Box Call Recorder.

Download Blackbox Call Recorder App for android

Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is an app that records all calls automatically both incoming and outgoing calls and can also be set it manually.

It offers a variety of features that make it an efficient call recorder for your android device.

You have the option to choose the format of your choice HD, MP3, and WAV audio format for your recorded calls.

It uploads the recorded call conversation to Dropbox or Google Drive and can also share recorded conversation files through Dropbox, Google Drive, SMS, Whatsapp, Viber, and Skype.

It can play voice-recorded conversations. You have a recording filter option that enables you to record calls with contacts or unknown numbers.

It records calls as per phone number or contact name.

It excludes calling recordings as per contact number or name.

This software also has blocker and ID app functionality which help to identify phone calls and avoid spam calls. You can block incoming calls using the volume down button when needed to avoid disturbance.

It requires the operating system android 4.4 version and up.


  • Records all regular calls
  • Spam call detection
  • Caller ID identifies numbers
  • Different File format
  • Uploads the recordings to Dropbox.
  • Easy to Share files
  • Play recorded conversations.
  • Recording filter option


Automatic Call Recorder is a free utility application.

Download “Automatic Call Recorder” android app from here

Rev Call Recorder

It is a 100 % free-to-use app with unlimited call recording for incoming and outgoing calls.

If you want to have a written record of your phone conversation then this app is the right choice for you.

What you have to do is to send a message in-app for instant order for a conversation transcript you will certainly get a 99 % accurate text transcript within 12 hours of order.

This app is free to download. You can organize and share your call recordings and their transcript as per your interest via e-mail, Dropbox, Evernote, etc.


  • Call recordings transcript
  • Hundred percent free.
  • Unlimited call recordings
  • Voice transcript with 99% accuracy
  • Organize and share the call recordings transcript


With no additional costs or advertisements, Rev Call Recorder provides completely free, unlimited call recording for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Download the “Rev Call Recorder” from here

Call recorder-ACR

Another call recorder is a free call recorder app for your android mobile. It offers multiple advanced features in call recording. Attractive interface for local network access.

It provides auto and manual recording options.

It supports different formats for recordings like AMR, MP4, OGG, FLAC, M4A, 3GP, and WAV. You can edit your recordings and keep recording notes.

It can be kept password protected from unauthorized persons.

It has recycle bins for easy recovery of deleted call recordings. You can mark recordings as important so they don’t get auto-deleted as per the fixed schedule.

You can multi-select for sending and deleting the recorded calls. It has cloud upload support for Dropbox, Google Drive, auto e-mails, OneDrive, and WebDAV.

For a better experience and functioning of the app avoid using ACR in conjunction with other similar apps.

If your phone is not supporting the ACR then check the android version of your mobile. The required OS for supporting ACR is Android 5.0 and up.


  • 40 plus languages
  • Edit and keep recording notes
  • Search calls
  • Share recording
  • Password protection
  • Recycle bin
  • Mark recordings
  • Multi-select option
  • Wi-Fi for backup
  • Cloud upload support


Users can try ACR free version before upgrading to the pro version of this app.

Download the “Call recorder-ACR” android app from here

Boldbeast Android Call Recorder

This Best Call Recording App for Android is free to use with no advertisement.

This software record calls in almost all phones very clearly and in loud sound in both directions.

It records calls automatically (pro version) or manually.

It records voice memos, meetings, interviews, etc. In case of technical interruption during a memo call it to resume recording automatically.

It manages various options for recorded clips like search, view, playback, sends, deletes,s, etc.

The recorded calls can be saved in different file formats like MP3, MP4, AMR, 3GP, WAV, AAC, etc.

You can send the recorded files via e-mail, MMS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Google Drive, etc. to other devices.

It has the capability to auto backup the recorded files to cloud drives, dropbox, Google drive, etc.

If the total file size exceeds a predefined number leading to storage issues then the oldest files are deleted first.

This Best Call Recording App for Android supports both internal and external SD card memory of the android device. Its password protection of call recordings prevents unauthorized persons to make use.

The music player can’t access the recorded files in its playlist. It is user-friendly, simple to use, powerful in performance, and safe in data handling.

This app with several years of experience has introduced many new features.

They have introduced perfect call recording without root for some android devices like Galaxy s3 and S4 variants, HTC M8, Moto G, etc.

with the use of this app, you will find caller’s voice clarity is very crisp from both sides due to its reliable record engine.


  • Free to use
  • No advertisement
  • Record all calls
  • Resume recording automatically
  • Different file formats
  • Send the recorded files
  • Backup to cloud drives
  • Support internal and external memory
  • Password protection
  • No access to the Music player


The free version of ‘The Boldbeast Android Call Recorder app is sufficient for a common user’s device.

If you want to have its professional use you can upgrade the app to the PRO version.

Download the “Boldbeast Android Call Recorder” the best call recording app for android from here


In view of the needs of the users and the challenges faced by them regarding the search for the best call recording app for android 11 for their devices, we planned a set of criteria for the proposal of app names for our esteemed readers.

Our research team suggested some best call-recording app for android phones which met the selection criteria up to a maximum extent.

We hope this suggestive list of apps along with the description and features of each app will help the users to come a the conclusion to select a suitable app for their use.

We wish them a very good experience in using the software for their personal use so that they can enjoy the uninterrupted services of the application.

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