Customer Relationship Management software for the Automobile Industry

Top 10+ Best CRMs For Automobile Industry

Best CRMs For Automobile Industry
Customer Relationship Management software for the Automobile Industry

When it comes to managing customer relations, no industry is more complex than the automotive industry. Whether it’s car or bike segment, salesman and mechanics to dealership management, there are countless players, processes, and interactions that need to be managed effectively in order to keep customers happy.

That’s where automotive customer relationship management (CRM) software comes into the picture – a software system that helps organizations to manage customer relationships in a more streamlined and automated way. By following this systematic process you will find the growth in sales, products, and overall company progress.

We are here to help you choose the Best CRMs for Automobile Industry business, Find the reviews, features, pricing, and trial demo details, so keep reading and stay on this article till the end.

What is Automotive CRM Software System?

Customer relationship management software plays a very important role in the auto industry. It can help reduce the time it takes for companies to resolve customer issues and improve customer satisfaction rates, it builds customer trust in the company, and that helps to growth in sales.

Furthermore, the team has spent 200+ hours analyzing these Best CRMs for Automobile Industry and found valuable software tools, which are compatible with the most demanding automobile manufacturers’ systems, they are developed on the latest technology and well tested, trusted by millions of customers. so there’s no need to worry about compatibility, functionality, or customization issues.

It also helps to automate processes such as communication, lead management, integration with other tools, and sales funnel mapping. In sum, an automotive CRM software system can help automakers to track and manage their customer relationships in a systematic way.

How an Automotive CRM System Benefits Business

An automotive CRM system is essential for managing customer relationships in the automobile industry. It helps to track and analyze customer behavior, transactions, and interactions. This data can then be used further to improve communication with customers, and new product sales pitches, understand their needs better, build loyalty, and boost sales.

Automotive CRM software also provides a consolidated view of customer data across different channels and systems- making it easier to manage your business operations effectively.

Liveperson Automotive CRM

Based on research, most car-buying customers prefer messaging over phone calls, especially for new offers, sales, and marketing. When it comes to automotive software, there are few options that can compare to Liveperson Automotive, it works more on messaging rather than calling.

Liveperson Automotive CRM software is a UK-based company offering pricing that is both affordable and reasonable, this software is perfect for businesses of all sizes in the auto dealership management industry.

Its user-friendly interface makes data entry easy for customer support, making it ideal for busy dealerships. Added benefits include its CRM functionality which helps dealership managers keep track of customer data in a consolidated manner.

The best CRMs For Automobile Industry is Liveperson Automotive
Liveperson Automotive CRM Software

Liveperson CRM Features:

Here is the list of main features of Liveperson Automotive CRM software which is also an auto dealer management system.

  1. Easy integration of chatting and messaging to the customers on your website.
  2. Integration with other messengers like Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, apple messenger, and many others.
  3. Easy access to other 3rd party chatting and messaging tools on AutoTrader, KBB, Car Soup
  4. Easy integration with other digital retailing tools of inventory
  5. Easy integration with all types of digital marketing ads campaign platforms like Google, FB, Twitter
  6. This CRM can share the Vehicle inventory at the current time
  7. Can send the estimate of the vehicle
  8. This can deliver the vehicle history reports for the decision making
  9. This CRM can send all the financial forms, required documents details
  10. It can also schedule a test drive for the customers effectively.

Liveperson Automotive CRM Software provides the complete solution to manage an auto dealership effectively.

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DealerSocket Auto CRM

DealerSocket CRM software for the auto industry provides easy solutions for those who are running franchise and their own auto dealers (Car or Bike). DealerSocket is a leading CRM software that dealers and manufacturers can use to better manage their day-to-day operations, sales, and marketing. It has modules such as invoicing, sales tracking, order management etcetera.

DealerSocket CRM software for auto industry
DealerSocket CRM software for the auto industry

DealerSocket CRM Features:

  1. Easy integration of the CRM platform to meet any kind of requirement related to your dealership management.
  2. You can access real-time sales data, follow-up leads, and scheduled appointments in the CRM Dashboard to take the decision.
  3. Easy customer Engagement and analysis of personalized ROI for each customer.
  4. Quick customer communication through any device, medium like mail, SMS, chat, or call at any point in time.
  5. Easy automation of repeated tasks using advanced technologies for fast actions.
  6. Any time 24x7x365 support from DealerSocket Auto CRM Software Team to resolve your issues quickly.

DealerSocket is one of the best CRMs for the automobile industry and provides effective solutions to scale up your customer relationship and operation management.

Dominion Dealer Solutions CRM

Dominion Dealer one of the best CRM Software redefines the method, of how automobile industry dealers reach the customers, retain their valuable customers, and market, and sell to their customers effectively by using CRM software solutions that enable higher sales and ROI for the company or dealership.

Dominion Dealer was established in 1989 since then they have served over 3000+ valued dealers and millions of happy customers across the world.

Dominion Dealer Solutions CRM
Dominion Dealer Solutions CRM

Dominion Dealer Features:

  • Inventory and Retail Management system.
  • Modern Dealer Services with advanced technology, integration, and communication.
  • Easy Notifications of Distribution network and customer shopping.
  • Easy way of vehicle inspection reports, including more than 60 inspections.

Selly Automotive CRM

Selly is one of the best advanced automotive CRM & customer communication software platforms that provide features to dealerships to manage internet customer leads, text, chat communication, phone calls data, and automated customer response, and follow-up details in one place.

Selly Automotive is a highly modern CRM software that performs most of the tasks automatically so that your staff can focus on service and sales.

Selly Automotive CRM Software
Selly Automotive CRM Software

Selly Automotive CRM Features

  • Selly Automotive CRM Scan a user DL or VIN document to automate user data entry in the system.
  • It has patented Notes Pop Feature built for quick reminders for salespeople.
  • This CRM Software auto Manages SMS, Text, and Email & records inbound/outbound call data in the system.
  • You can find all of your new and old leads and sales opportunities well organized in the dashboard.
  • Manage all digital marketing campaigns [Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter..] in one place using easy integration.
  • Easy Integration with all the popular messenger, and email platforms for smart communication with customers.
  • ROI Charts per customer basis in the dashboard in the CRM system.

ProMax Automotive CRM

ProMax Automotive CRM is an advanced customer management system that has been designed with the automotive industry in mind by the company. It provides a comprehensive user-friendly platform for managing sales leads, marketing, service, and inventory management in one place.

Furthermore, it integrates well with other 3rd party cloud-based systems in the business to streamline processes and make data management easier for the higher management. Overall, ProMax Auto CRM offers an excellent pricing structure as well as features that are essential for running a successful car dealership or repair shop anywhere in the world.

This is one of the Best CRMs For Automobile Industry, which makes customer relationship management easy and efficient for the sales team – making it ideal for small businesses who want to take their sales to new heights on a low budget.

ProMax Automotive CRM Software
ProMax Automotive CRM Software

ProMax CRM Features:

  1. Desking solutions for front-end sales that match automatically right vehicle with the customer to provide the maximum profit to the customers.
  2. Call Tracking system for effective advertising ROI
  3. MaxPro CRM provides a different kinds of Management Reports easy to create for the leadership.
  4. In this CRM software, Inventory Management is designed to manage the retailing, inventory, and related expenses.
  5. ProMax CRM is designed to integrate dealer Website Integration with the CRM Software easily.
  6. Lead Generation becomes effective with all digital marketing tools integrated for sales.

Vinsolutions Connect CRM

VinSolutions Connect CRM is a software that offers automotive businesses a wealth of essential features and benefits. It comes with real-time tracking of sales, inventory, payments, data drove insights which are required for sales, marketing, purchase, and more, making it one of the most comprehensive CRM systems in the automobile industry today.

Furthermore, VinSolutions CRM software also known as a dealer management system is versatile enough to serve businesses in other industries as well – so there’s no need to be limited by automotive industry restrictions.

Apart from its Cutting Edge features and Functionality, an important selling point for this software would be its user-friendly interface which makes it perfect for both newbies and seasoned professionals alike.

VinSolutions Connect CRM
VinSolutions Connect CRM

VinSolutions CRM Features:

  1. VinSolutions Connect CRM allows you to Connect with customers very handy using CRM Mobile App, you can respond, follow up, schedule a call, or meet anytime and all the conversations will be synced with the desktop app.
  2. Customizable Reports of ongoing and upcoming sales lead to making a smart decision, you can view the dealership matrix of stores like inventory, retail, service, accounts, and ROI in one place.
  3. Easy integration of all the digital marketing campaigns platform with CRM to create focused marketing campaigns on social media to achieve the targets.
  4. Highly secure Database for sensitive data like the Driving License of the driver, and customers in the form of digital assets and access to any device.
  5. VinSolutions CRM Software automatically updates the customer data like call records, follow-ups, documents, interest, and buying behavior in the database.

Autoraptor CRM

Autoraptor CRM is the most advanced, powerful cloud-based automotive CRM software. This Auto Dealership Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is essential for any car dealership to manage its operations effectively.

Autoraptor CRM is a complete dealer management system (DMS), It helps dealers keep track of sales, pricing, and discounts as well as inventory data. AutoRaptor makes inventory management, lead management, sales management, and communication a breeze – you can organize ongoing and upcoming leads, and automate the sales and marketing process through various methods of customer communications.

AutoRaptor CRM Software
AutoRaptor CRM Software

Autoraptor CRM Features:

  • Easy integration of communication tools for SMS, Email, and Chatting for fast interaction with customers.
  • Easy Dashboard for lead management data, you can filter and take fast action sales conversions.
  • Comprehensive sales process automation and accountability of the staff who is working on the respective lead pops, and reminders to avoid late communication to the customers.
  • AutoRaptor CRM works smoothly on the mobile/tab devices as well, Driving License and VIN scanning to capture the data in the system automatically, and many more you can do.
  • Manage your daily task and check the graph to see the deadlines, and ROI on each customer in the dashboard.

Izmocars CRM For Automobile

Izmocars CRM is a most advanced auto dealer retail management software, that is a very user-friendly and efficient automotive software that can be adapted to meet the specific needs of the auto dealership businesses. Its features include showroom inventory management, fleet management, customer relationship management (CRM), as well as real-time insights into the performance of the employees.

Izmocars, one of the best dealer management systems also has a wide range of integrations capabilities with other social media, chatting, email marketing, and digital marketing tools that make it the perfect CRM for auto dealerships and service centers.

Izmocars Auto CRM Software
Izmocars Auto CRM Software


  • Izmocars auto CRM is built especially for mobile devices, considering the whole world is moving to mobile and tabs.
  • Web designs of the CRM dashboard are very user-friendly, you can design it as per your company’s theme, colors, etc.
  • Izmocars CRM is hosted on a reliable and high-performing cloud platform to provide the best performance to the customers.
  • Web analytics feature, integration with Google and Facebook to get the digital marketing insights.
  • you can manage a single dealership showroom to multiple using one software Izmocars CRM, all the information, charts, ROI, Leads, Inventory everything will be under your control.

AutoXplorer Used Car Dealer CRM

AutoXplorer CRM is developed for all new and Used Car Dealerships management, it provides complete Dealer Management Software including customer relationships, sales, marketing, and inventory management.

Autoxplorer, A Dealer management system was founded in 1996 and is now owned by “Get My Auto” Company USA.

AutoXplorer CRM is complete DMS software
AutoXplorer CRM is complete DMS software
  • AutoXplorer CRM is made for CAR inventory, sales, effective customer interaction management, and financial details, along with custom response and data exporting to many formats features.
  • Features like Structure Cash, Outside Finance management, easy Buy Here Pay Here, and Wholesale Deals of used and new Cars.
  • Printing Laser documents in many formats easily.
  • AutoXplorer CRM is highly Responsive for Mobile or tabs.
  • Easy integration with other Digital and Online Marketing Tools to eliminate double entry of your Car vehicles, tools such as AutoTrader,, CarGurus, and Carsforsale for used car sales.
  • Generating detailed stickers for marketing with vehicle information and pricing details.
  • exporting mandatory reports, data for the offline analysis, bar charts, ROI reports, etc.

Autosoft DMS CRM

Autosoft is one of the best car dealership CRM, it is serving the DMS industry for more than 31+ years successfully, It provides a centralized platform that can help to manage sales, customer data, inventory levels, expenses, and other important areas for role wise of your Car Dealership business.

Autosoft DMS Offering real-time sales data and reports is an added advantage of automotive CRM software – this makes it easy for business owners, and senior leadership to make informed decisions about marketing campaigns, pricing strategies, and future growth.

Autosoft DMS best car dealership CRM
Autosoft DMS best car dealership CRM

Autosoft DMS Features

  • This DMS is capable of integrating with 200+ other tools to manage sales and marketing activities.
  • CRM has Role or team-wise dashboards for showroom staff, technical persons, senior leader/owners, and customers as well.
  • Reliable 24x7x365 support by expert engineers to fix your issues quickly.
  • sensitive customer data protection
  • data analytics available on the phone
  • Austosoft DMS CRM works on any device using a responsive design structure, it works well either on mobile, Tabs, laptop, or desktop.
  • ROI charts, booking, leads, and follow-up calls, all data in an interactive dashboard.
  • Easy customer management, providing tax, pricing, quotes everything to make hassle-free interaction with the customers.

Affinitiv XRM CRM

Affinitiv XRM is one of the best car dealership CRM in the market, serving for 20+ years, over 5000+ dealers are using XRM CRM for their DMS. This is industry-leading software that helps Car dealers manage their inventory, sales leads, and customer relationships.

It has a wide range of features that are essential for the automotive Dealership Industry, making it a must-have for Car dealers to run their business smoothly. Plus, it integrates well with other software platforms, giving you complete control over your data and ongoing operations.

Furthermore, it is designed specifically for Car dealers and makes managing your dealership operations much easier. Highly recommended!

Affinitiv XRM CRM Software For Automobile Industry
Affinitiv XRM CRM Software For Automobile Industry

Affinitiv XRM CRM Software Features

  • XRM CRM is diving the overall sales of more than $1.1 M per year for all their customers.
  • Smooth Showroom monitoring in the CRM to stay updated on the showroom activities.
  • stay updated on internet leads by integrating with all the social media platforms for digital marketing campaigns.
  • Light weight Response design of the XRM CRM software works on all kinds of mobile, computers, with low or high internet speed.
  • works well with customer care management, factory production, service center management, and other software.
  • Fast syncing between mobile and desktop changes to the cloud system to keep updated data for both places.

Reynolds and Reynolds DMS CRM

Reynolds and Reynolds is one of the best comprehensive Car Dealership Management systems and a market leader in automobile dealership technology and digitization of all kinds of operations.

It has a lot of features that are a must-have for managing sales and marketing efforts, such as customer data management reports, lead generation, and follow-up status.

This DMS gives you the control to stay on top of all the dealership operations so that you can reach your goals. Reynolds and Reynolds is a leading auto dealership CRM software provider, the company was founded in 1956, this is now the longest charitable foundation-run company in the United States of America.

Effective and continuous customer relationship management is also a top-notch feature and can help you with anything from finding new leads to resolving auto service quality disputes with customers.

The company has other automotive software like:

ReverseRisk– this software helps you in cash, assets, and expenses management even without having DMS.
GoMoto – a self-service auto kiosk management system.

Features of Reynolds & Reynolds CRM

  • Process Flow management between the departments, leadership with departments or with the customer and any department as well.
  • This CRM helps dealers maintain only one database for customer information to all the showroom activities, it helps to give a complete customer relationship life cycle without duplicate entries.
  • Auto Dealer Managers can effectively manage the operations of the Showroom.
  • Integrations with other digital marketing, sales, follow-up, and reminders tools for easy interaction with the customers.
  • Integration with other auto management platforms for more sales.

DealerPeak Auto Dealership CRM Solutions

Reliable and fast CRM software platform, An USA-based company, founded in 1999. This Auto CRM gives every information access which is related to the customer, automobile, service, vehicle parts, or anything with one click.

Using this Auto CRM you can manage an auto dealership group or single showroom, it’s customizable as per your need., DealerPeak is also compatible with most smartphones and tablets, so you can access it wherever you go.

DealerPeak auto dealership CRM software that has been specifically designed for the auto industry DMS for Groups.

DealerPeak auto dealership CRM Features

  • Connect all the stores of the auto dealership group.
  • Run the marketing campaign across your auto group by using custom information from other stores.
  • Check all the customer sales data charts across the group for better sales strategies.
  • As an owner, you can connect with any of your group’s showroom CRM software to check the actual data.
  • Keep only 1 record for 1 customer who is visiting all your showrooms
  • Easy API integration, and internal and external connection with this Auto CRM software.
  • Integration with other tools like Accounts, HR, Marketing Campaigns, Branding, etc.

EASI’R Modern Auto CRM

EasiR is a versatile and efficient Automotive Lead CRM software that dealerships can rely on to manage all kinds of leads. It has an intuitive user interface and plenty of features for lead, sales, digital marketing management, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory management, and more.

It provides complete insights into your ongoing leads in a single place. CRM Route leads automatically or assign them to the right salesperson and inform them over email, or phone call so that lead can be addressed quickly.

CRM Define the escalation deadline and send reminders to make sure leads are never forgotten by the sales team. It provides the deep details of each lead response time and the performance of the resources.

The company was founded 17 years back in Germany 2002, around 2600+ dealers are using this CRM, and more than 16000+ satisfied users.

This auto CRM is acknowledged and trusted by leading Car manufacturing companies like BMW, Volkswagen, Jaguar, land Rover, Skoda, and many others.

Features Of EASIR Auto CRM

  • quick connection with dealers’ website with CRM.
  • auto-response of Inbound calls.
  • Auto Response of Email leads and resources assignment.
  • Walk-ins data details across the stores.
  • Online marketplaces integration with CRM.
  • Digital marketing tools connectivity with CRM.
  • Outlook integration with CRM for lead management system email response.
  • Smart digital sales assessment, guidance, and connection with external tools like google ads, Facebook ads, etc.

DealerMine CRM Software

Canada-Based Automotive Dealership Management CRM software company has a proven record to increase sales by  45% after using their Auto CRMs to run your car dealership. DealerMine CRM is the perfect software for Car dealers in the automotive industry with a wide list of features.

 It has all the features dealers need to manage their business efficiently – from invoicing to stock management. It is also user-friendly and easy to use, making it perfect for small businesses as well.

If you are looking for a comprehensive CRM solution, Dealermine should be at the top of your list.
They have a wide range of features in the auto CRM software which are highly essential for dealership management systems.

Features Of DealerMine CRM

  •  Service CRM to manage the car maintenance recommendation
  •  Sales CRM – multi-channel communication with customers, via call, email, chat, social media, bot chat, SMS
  •  BDC – Data connectivity based on your dealership model, single or multiple showrooms, connectivity between urban and rural franchise
  •  Desking – all the customer data in the form of charts, filters, and worksheets so that the help desk can start quick working
  •  Online scheduling – seamless vehicle service scheduling, easy integration with other tools, mobile system for better working.
  •  service drive management – providing multipoint inspection list to the customers, mobile check-in while servicing the Car

Vital Software Auto CRM

Vital Software auto CRM is an Australia-based auto CRM software company founded in the year 2002, they also have an office in Uk. This CRM is a Powerful cloud based lead management and auto CRM software for effective dealership management systems.

smart Lead Management, assignment to the right salesman, Prospecting and Milestone software tools; power of Bi-Directional data integration with all other supporting tools to manage the auto dealership business.

If you are running a large auto dealership group and have multiple stores, then, may you need to explore Vital Software’s Auto CRM platform to handle the stress free management of customer relationships, and continuous growth in sales.

Vital Software is one of the best car dealership CRM software in Australia and provides Bridge support between the gap between OEM companies, dealerships Group, and Dealerships.

As per the published information, Vital Software have a global partnership with leading brands BMW CARs, Jaguar Land Rover, Subaru, Honda Car, Chrysler, KIA, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, and Great Wall

They have a proven record of increasing 33% sales conversions, 25% increase in Car service bookings, 35% hike in test drive bookings and 32% increase in follow-ups after using this auto CRM software.

Features Of Vital Software Auto CRM

  1. smart sales Lead Management, Prospecting, and Milestone tools in the build
  2. Business Intelligence is driven data integration with all leading DMS systems of Australia and the UK
  3. CRM design is responsive and works well on iPad, Safari browser, Google chrome, Mozilla, and other browsers as well.
  4. Detailed marketing tools which include letter templates, HTML-based email formats, SMS, and calling feature.
  5. Auto Service bookings Notification, sending Post-service follow-up by all the contact mediums to the customer and service manager.
  6. Comprehensive sales charts, services, and parts reporting, and inventory details.
  7. Easy integration with other tools to manage the marketing campaigns, ROI charts for leadership and employee performance


When it comes to car sales, there are a lot of auto CRMs on the line in the market. We want to make sure that you are using the best automotive dealership CRM software, which will help you to manage your vehicle sales process and keep track of customer buying, services, and response information easily accessible to you.

In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 automobile CRMs that aren’t overloaded with useless features but are helpful to growing your business and day-to-day operations. 

So, whether you’re a small business or a large dealership, make sure to check out these CRMs for car sales.

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