Best Video Editing Software For Free On PC

An engaging video may contribute to the success of your brand in a world where visual content is king. However, the only way to create stunning video content is by employing editing software. Many popular video editing programs are expensive; however, there are some great options that are totally free. That’s excellent news for businesspeople with lofty goals!

Whether it’s through Instagram Stories, Facebook advertisements, or YouTube product reviews, using the finest free video editing tools will give your business a professional, polished appearance.

Here is a selection of the Best Video Editing Software For Free on PC for editing videos. The editing capabilities of desktop programs are typically superior to those of mobile apps. Each of these video editors is either fully free to use or has a great free version available.

1. OpenShot

Looking for what is best video editing software? A cross-platform video editor, OpenShot supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. Remove the background from your movie, reverse the colors, change the brightness, and more using its video effects engine.

Using OpenShot, you can edit your movie in several straightforward ways. Find the ideal moments in your videos as you quickly edit them. You may fade, slide, bounce, and animate anything in your video clip using the robust animation framework. It’s an excellent tool for learning how to edit videos because of its simple user interface.

This youtube best video editing software can be translated online with LaunchPad and is available in a wide range of tongues. is a practical choice for small enterprises, and it works well for rotating and resizing clips. Further features include a real-time preview, audio editing, frame stepping, time mapping, and credit scrolling. OpenShot’s clear design and user-friendly interface make it excellent for straightforward editing, even though more complex tools might provide more editing choices.

The simplest and most user-friendly video editing program ever is OpenShot. While intermediate users will value the limitless layering choices on this PC video editor, beginners will benefit from the built-in templates, real-time previews, and complex timeline capabilities.


  • Unlimited and Cross-Platform Tracks
  • Drawings and Keyframes
  • Video effects and a title editor
  • Audio waveforms with 3D animations
  • Effects of Slow Motion and Time
  • Easy to use interface
  • Over 70 languages

About Free Plan

With the help of the free video editing program OpenShot, amateurs can use more sophisticated capabilities.

2. Lightworks

Lightworks is one of the more approachable and simple-to-use Linux video editing software solutions. It is the best video editing software, having an easy-to-use interface and a library of in-depth video tutorials.

Never misplace your projects or work. Lightworks automatically saves every action so that you don’t have to. The timeline is made to enable editors of all skill levels to edit as quickly as they can. Additionally, a wide variety of export formats and target destinations, including social media, cloud services, and broadcast formats, are fully supported.

This Best Video Editing Software For Free on PC comes pre-loaded with hundreds of editable, ready-made graphics. Edit from your cloud storage straight! Simply connect, browse, and drop clips into your timeline to get started. You may give any marketing video a professional appearance by using the program’s library of original stock movies and music clips, which are licensed for use in any videos you edit.


  • Turn it on every 90 days
  • Prepared Titles and Transitions
  • Utilization of Lightworks Forum
  • Access to cloud storage
  • Regional Archive & Backup
  • Efficacious Editing Timeline
  • Not a Watermark When Exporting
  • Every Import Format
  • Only export in 720p

About Free Plan

The free edition of the Lightworks video editing program comes with a wealth of expert capabilities and effects. No credit card is necessary, and the plan is free forever.

3. Blender

One of the free best video editing software programs on the market, Blender is accessible on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Although the program offers decent video editing tools, its original purpose was as a 3D animation package. Simple activities like video editing and splicing can be completed with the editor’s help. You can even carry out more challenging tasks like video masking. It consequently develops into a very flexible video editor that accepts both novice and expert users.

A built-in video sequence editor in Blender enables you to carry out simple operations like video cuts and splicing as well as more difficult ones like video masking or color grading. Blender has a strong development and enthusiast community, and it is pre-loaded with a huge selection of extensions that you can quickly enable or disable.

Are you in search of which is best video editing software? Blender is now utilized for various short films, ads, TV shows, and feature films because of its excellent rigging and animation tools. With Blender’s production-ready camera and object tracking, you can import raw video, track it, mask off certain areas, and live-reconstruct the camera movements in your 3D scene.


There are several displays, including a histogram, luma waveform, and chroma vectorscope.

Waveform visualization, audio scrubbing, synchronization, and mixing

Up to 32 slots are available for adding scenes, masks, music, photos, video, and effects.

Adjustment layers, transitions, keyframes, filters, and more for speed

About Free Plan

Free to use is a program called Blender that is open-source.

4. Shotcut

Shotcut is a great choice if you’re not a professional but want to go beyond the limitations of free basic video editing software. Anyone with some experience ought to find it simple to edit videos with this video editor for PC since it features normal drag-and-drop audio and video file management in addition to the ability to output 4k footage. You may access all of its features and change the interface however you like once you download it.

Which best video editing software is suitable for your needs? Shotcut is a totally open-source program, so you don’t need to pay for updates to enjoy all the capabilities. Numerous formats are supported, including FFmpeg, 4K, ProRes, and DNxHD.Shotcut is perfect for audiophiles because it offers a wide range of audio editing possibilities. Users can tweak the bass and treble, create bandpass filters, change the gain, apply dynamic compression, and many other audio parameters with its wealth of fine-tuning tools.

Two of Shotcut’s most notable features are the timeline editing and support for 4K HD quality. Very few video editors offer 4K resolution support for free. When working with large video files, Shotcut also saves you time by not needing you to load your video into the editor.


  • Numerous formats are supported.
  • There is no need for import, enabling native timeline editing.
  • Support for input and preview monitoring from Blackmagic Design
  • 4k resolution support

About Free Plan

For Windows, Mac, and Linux, Shotcut is a cross-platform, free and open-source video editor.

5. InVideo

Everyone can make stunning professional videos with InVideo that engage viewers better, generate more leads, and save time. The 5000+ configurable templates, transitions, and effects in the library make it simple, quick, and efficient to create films. There are more than 50 AI-powered themes available that can transform text-based content into movies in just three easy steps.

The use of this Best Video Editing Software For Free on PC is highly advantageous to marketers, publishers, and agencies. Users acclaim InVideo for their exceptional user experience, customer service, and value for money. There are several reasons why this desktop-compatible program—which supports intelligent frames, automatic voice-overs, and much more—is the best in its industry.

InVideo is the simplest app for making videos on your phone. Use distinctive filters, effects, and transitions. Browse our royalty-free music selection or upload your personal playlist from files. InVideo’s designers routinely offer fresh, top-notch templates. Both beginners and seasoned experts will find the UI to be very easy to use and incredibly adaptable.


Video Sharing for Free

40-minute video length

Over 5000 Video Templates

Standard Media Library for 3M+

Text to Speech that is automated

About Free Plan

Anyone who wants to test out InVideo can do so with the free plan.

6. VSDC Video Editor

Looking for which is the best video editing software? Then you should use VSDC Free Video Editor. It has every feature you would expect from a basic editor, such as trimming, splicing, and audio editing. This free multimedia suite comes with a number of tools for activities including editing video, boosting audio, recording voiceovers, capturing the desktop screen, and more. This Best Video Editing Software For Free on PC helps small-budget creators visualize their concepts and has more than 5 million happy users worldwide.

Create slideshows, mix video clips, apply filters and photo correction, use visual and audio effects, and add appropriate music. Use multi-color Chroma Key and complicated parameter settings to give your movie a polished appearance. Support is provided for all common audio and video formats.

The non-linear program VSDC makes it possible to integrate many layers of content to produce high-quality videos. Video files and images that are non-linear can appear at any moment, at any place in the scene, and synchronously with other objects rather than having to follow a linear (direct) sequence.

Because of this, creating a picture-in-picture or split-screen effect, as well as altering how objects appear or move while being played back, is easy. VSDC is a genuine time and effort-saving tool that enables the creation of large-size HD videos in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours thanks to hardware acceleration, configurable parameter settings, and improved resolution.


Support is provided for all widely used video and audio codecs.

Chroma Key tool with strong removal of the green background

Numerous current video transitions, filters, and effects

Important devices like magnification, charts, 360-degree video editing, and color grading

Easily store videos for many devices thanks to practical export profiles

Minimum possible system requirements—VSDC works with outdated PCs!

About Free Plan

Create and edit films of any complexity, from a family holiday card to a business presentation, with the VSDC Free Video Editor.

7. HitFilm

Simple built-in tutorials will help you get started with HitFilm. Start making beautiful content straight away by learning the fundamentals of video and VFX editing. Utilize a collection of cutting-edge music, sound effects, and video templates that are integrated right into your editing platform.

This Best Video Editing Software For Free on PC combines editing, compositing, titling, and 3D tools in one, which making it the preferred choice of artists and producers around the world. You may simply generate a striking, cinematic appearance thanks to the vast library of built-in video effects. Discover drag-and-drop transitions, presets that are ready to use, smooth audio synchronization, and expert text tools.

With simple VFX and video editing software, you can produce excellent material and beautiful visual effects. Enjoy a straightforward user interface with all the editing tools you require, as well as unlimited presets, stock video, audio, and other resources.

Utilize clear and straightforward methods to bring your ideas to life. Share your videos online after easily modifying them to match any social media site. Utilize HitFilm’s ultra-fast technology to work quickly.


Using drag-and-drop transitions and editing essentials

With all the essential tools you need, including cut, slice, trim, split, crop, flip, and more, create dynamic edits.

Make a smooth transition from one scene to the next with expert, ready-to-use transitions.

Presets that are ready-to-use and built-in creative resources

With adjustable presets, you can create the ideal transition, color grade, or text in a matter of seconds.

Text and audio syncing tools

About Free Plan

One of the best free video editing programs for PC and Mac users is HitFilm.


There are dozens of options for free video editing software available today, but not all of them provide the same capabilities and high-quality output. You should have been able to focus your search for a PC video editor with the aid of this tutorial. You may test out all of the apps that best suit your goals and level of skill because they are all free. Use these video editors to instantly produce professional results and take your desktop, mobile, and Instagram videos to the next level.

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