How to start a blog in India: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Are you looking to start a blog in india, personal, or business site but don’t know the process of how to write a blog post easily?

You will have step-by-step information here. 

Whether you’re in travel, lifestyle, technology, personal finance, or anything you want, I can ensure you have a full-service blog up and operating before the end of the day.

But, before that, let us brainstorm why you want to start a blog. Then, how to start a blog in India? Let’s see. 

Why Do You Want to Learn how to start a blog in India? 

There would multiple reasons why you want to make a blog, the biggest question after the pandemic situation is how to start a blog and make money in India, because 1000K of people in the world lost their jobs, businesses, and money and they need something money making ideas, blogs, websites so that they again stand up.

Do you want to start a career in blog writing?

Suppose you are truly passionate about writing and want to build a professional blog or start blogging on WordPress.

It’s best to do it now. It can give you more rewards and business opportunities. Successful writing makes successful earning.  

Do you want to work from anywhere?

Many successful bloggers are still generating millions per month and have complete control over their schedules.

You may not still be a millionaire, but you still have to work where and when. If you are still wondering how to write a blog post, then keep reading to get A to Z complete knowledge in steps.

Stay close to your family

Running a lucrative blog gives you the freedom to be near your family even on hectic days. And that’s much more satisfying than income for most successful bloggers. 

Getting a passive income

It takes time, effort, patience, and the appropriate monetization techniques to make money from your blog. But, on the other hand, a blog may be your vehicle of financial freedom since it generates passive revenue.

Grow your network

Do you hunger to make your name? then blogging Is the best way to get it done. It will increase your network by positively affecting it. It will allow you to connect with various people like known experts, influencers, and thought leaders. 

If you love blogging, you don’t have to work hard on the above things as long as you strive to help your audience.

You are already successful if you love it. So, throw your doubts and worries aside. Let’s start with the first step. 

So are you finally feeling something positive that you can also make money online, let’s deep dive into How to start a blog in India and learn how to start blogging on WordPress.

Website For your Business

Step 1: Choose The Best Niche

An essential element in blogging is to choose the appropriate niche. The niche you choose may render your blogging business profitable or ruin it. 

Whether you are the most skilled writer or marketer in the world doesn’t matter. However, if you choose the incorrect topic, monetizing all your hard work might be almost impossible.

Finding a specialty might take a long time. Indeed, most of the measures we are going to take in this post could be needed.

A core market: money, health, and relationships are the first business priority. 

Now, you may question yourself, is this the only option to choose from? So, I will say yes for now. I want to tell you that each market has a submarket and infinite possibilities for submarkets, niches, and micro-niches.  

What are submarkets?

A smaller section having a core market is a submarket. For instance, “Smartphone Photography tips” might be your submarket when your main market is Photography.  

What Are Niches? 

If you are looking to start a blog in India, you must understand niches, There are thousands of niches under submarkets. Like a “Photography.”

Now, your idea of blogging should get into shape, but the niche is too large if you are new to blogging.  

What are micro niches?

Micro-niches are even smaller portions inside a niche, sometimes referred to as sub-niches. The more you’re in sync with your industry demands, the quicker a micro-niche may be found. 

For example, “Smartphone camera Tips” can be partitioned by following micro niches.

  • Camera Settings In smartphone for the best video quality
  • Smartphone Photography Tips
  • Photography kits for smartphones

Now, you can select a niche you want to start a blog on. It’s the best process to select a proper niche. To get help in selecting the best niche, here are the tips. 

Tips for selecting a niche 
Create a list
Before you come to this tutorial, there is a high possibility that you have a few specialized ideas in mind already.

But, of course, once we covered submarkets and micro-niches, you undoubtedly came up with a few more. 
What I want you to do is to create a list of your prospective specialty ideas. Then, you can create it on google sheets.  

 Look for monetization opportunities 

Well, there are lots of monetization opportunities for passive income.  Below are a few monetization techniques that can help you. 

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Online course on freelancing writing
  • Paid listings of freelance job
  • Sponsored company job advertisements
  • Freelancing websites sponsored articles

Have A Deep Look at the Pros and Cons of Each Niche

It is vital to look closely at your advantages and disadvantages when you think about niche concepts.

Then, think about why you should and should not choose a specialty from the top of your head. 
Likewise, if you want to write as a freelance writer, you can find pros like below.  

  • Unique guides based on experience
  • Already have a connection with groups, influencers, and other bloggers
  • You already know how freelancer manage their life and get it easier
  • Have a strongly built LinkedIn profile for freelancing 

After that, the only things you should worry about are monetization, demand, and competition.  

  •  Monetization chances: It might be hard to commercialize the specialty. It might be because your target customer does not have lucrative items or wants to spend money.
  • Competition: Many categories have already been filled with bloggers, especially profitable ones. It might cause new entrants claim their fair market share very difficult.
  • Demand: Finally, not all the ideas in blog niches are worthy of writing. If such is the case, you can say by researching terms and just finding low-volume keywords. 

 The only good move is to search for a different subset in any of these instances. There are several methods to accomplish it, such as looking at the search recommendations from Google and digging up terms.

You may also take advantage of your own industry experience and create relevant niches yourself.  

In addition, this helps you assess your site’s growth potential, apart from uncovering fresh ideas about niches. 

Sure, for now, your site may concentrate on freelance writing in India. But you may also speak about things such as content marketing and solo blogging in India.  

Choose The Winner

  • Freelance writing
  • Photography kits for Smartphones
  • Weight loss through HIIT

The next step is to look at every niche and look at its pros and cons. Now, you can select one niche according to the factors we have added.  

Step 2: Make the blog name perfect

To start a blog in India, the blog name plays an important role.

The name of your blog is the beginning of the fun. After choosing your niche, you undoubtedly already have some ideas. But let me assist you in obtaining more awesome blog name ideas before you leap out of the gun. 

Brainstorm keywords

In the blog, you can use two types of names, brand names and keyword-based names. Both names are good, and a lot of bloggers use a combination. However, coming up with the best keyword is easier with a list. 

You can use SEMRush, enter the keyword, and press enter. You will get keywords. There is another tool to generate names. In Business Name Generator, enter keywords, and you will have cool ideas about your blog name. 


 Brainstorm creative and brandable words

There are lots of websites with such names as Moz, PinchOfYum, and ShoutMeLoud. These are not keywords, but they have a high demand in the industry. 

There are many things you can come up with like can use your name in a blog.

There are lots of bloggers who use their original names. Some bloggers twist names to make them more unique. So, you will get your best answer after this point about how to write a blog post. 

Write a mission statement

It doesn’t give only a purpose, but it also gives meaningful words. Your mission statements should have relation to 

  • Target audience
  • Your identity
  • Your value to your audience from a blog

You can add the keywords in mission statements like Digital, SEO, Tips, Copywriting, Tutorials, Guides, Writers, Indian and Aspiring.  

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Step 3: Host and Register Your Domain

If you have found the domain name, then you can purchase it right away before anyone registers it (possibly).   
Now it’s time to host your blog.  

Hosting your Domain

To start a blog in India, choosing the right web hosting for blogging is also very important, WordPress hosting is best to do tasks like content management and blogging.

It provides all the functionalities a blog needs.  Few Hosting providers are the best for WordPress hosting like: 

All three hosting providers have all the features you want.  

  • Best WordPress hosting options: WordPress packages from Hostinger, A2 Hosting, and DreamHost are the best from others at the best price. You will get automatic installation and performance optimizations as well. 
  • User-friendly: All three hosting providers have a good UI, so they are very easy to use when managing.
  • Customer Support and Reliability: A2 hosting has top-notch customer support with a guru crew. They are available 24/7 available. 
How to start a blog in india - Hostinger Web Hosting Plans
Hostinger Web Hosting Plans
A2 Hosting Plans
A2 Hosting web site hosting Plans


DreamHost Plans - How to start a blog in india
DreamHost website hosting Plans

You can start with a single WordPress plan as it is made for starters and beginners. It’s made for low traffic. Gradually you can increase the plan according to your needs. If you select the WordPress starter plan, you will get a free domain, and the site will set up everything for you.

Step 4: Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress is a very easy task. Some host providers will let you install WordPress via the express WordPress installation tool. The installation steps vary on what hosting provider you selected.

During installation, you will be asked to make a WordPress admin account. You can add credentials on the WordPress login page. In the URL bar, there will be “/wp-admin” by default.

You can use a custom URL for the login page to protect it. You can set it up via a hosting account. When you are done installing, you will see a full dashboard.

How to Installing WordPress Theme - How to Write Blog Post
How to Installing WordPress Theme

You can see site health, plugin updates, comments, and WordPress news on the dashboard. In addition, in WordPress, there are lots of themes available to use.

Step 5: Choose the best page builder

It’s easy to adapt your website to WordPress. However, it is a different story to build a completely customized website with bespoke pages.

One of the best website page builders is Hello Elementor. It provides customization options for images, headings, dividers, buttons, and more.
To install a new plugin,

  • Click on “plugins” on the WordPress dashboard, and click on “add new”
  • Now search “element or” and install it. Click on activate after the installation

The free version page builders are limited and only have limited features. But premium page builders have lots of advantages like Updates, customer support, Premium templates, additional elements, and Custom CSS.

Step 6: Create important pages for the blog

So, now, we have to make your most important pages like the home page, contact page, and about page. This is an important part of our blog ‘’how to write a blog post.’’

Building A Home Page
You can use a premium page builder or free page builder to create a home page. Premium ones have lots of templates ready to use.
You can add the following items to your home page but are not limited to it:

  • Some attractive offer
  • Your introduction
  • Concentrate on what you wish to demonstrate
  • Your social media
  • Showing your top content
  • Footer links

Building A About Me Page

‘’About me’’ page is about you so users can know about you a little. ‘’About me’’ page is about building trust with your viewers and also attracting them to stay with you for a longer time.
You can add the following items to the about me page but are not limited to it:

  • Influential introduction
  • Attractive headline
  • Social media links
  • CTA

Building A ‘’Contact Us’’ Page
The ‘’contact us’’ page helps people to reach you and also shows people that you are willing to listen to the people.

how to write blog post for business - How to Write Blog Post
how to write a blog post for business – How to Write Blog Post

Step 7: Panning A Good Content Strategy

Now, your blog is up, and it’s time to plan a strategy to grow it. Creating and maintaining a blog site is a long and time-consuming process. So, before making any mistakes in content it’s good to have a strategy for content generation.

Research keywords

For content generation, keyword research is very important. It’s essential for generating organic traffic.
You can look for target keywords via a good keyword research tool like the Keywords magic tool. It is from SEMRush. It is not a free tool but very helpful. You have to just enter a keyword and it will show you keyword ideas on the way.

Start creating

Now it’s time to start creating a blog post for your website with targeted keywords. You can make a whole month’s strategy and you can follow it day by day. It will be easier and more convenient to make the content better.

Promoting content

Promoting content is good for your blog traffic and increasing daily visitors. You can promote content via the following methods:

  • Through social media
  • Though an email
  • Writing a sharable content
  • Through Q&A website

Now, it is done. Check for any topics you have missed like Domain, themes, and monetization.

Conclusion on how to start a blog in India

I hope you have gone through all the steps of ‘’how to write blog post free’’’. it takes only about max of 12 minutes to read the post but it is life-changing if you want to be a blogger. If your vision, strategy, and content are great then it’s not hard to grow. If you have any questions, you can ask by commenting down.


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