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Phyzii CRM Pharma Review: World Most Advanced Pharma CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a must-have for any business that depends on nurturing and managing customer relationships.

Phyzii Pharma CRM is one of the best CRM software options available on the market today, owing to its user-friendly interface, rich features, and positive customer feedback.

In this blog post, we will take you through an overview of this software, describe its key features, and highlight some of the most popular customer reviews.

So if you’re looking for the best CRM phyzii CRM review, read on!

Phyzii CRM Pharma Software Overview

Phyzii CRM Pharma Software is a comprehensive sales and marketing software that is useful for a variety of businesses.

It has features such as a customer database, a CRM system, and a warehouse management system.

In addition to its benefits for pharmaceutical companies, Phyzii Pharma Crm Software is also useful for other businesses with similar needs, like food and beverage companies.

Phyzii Pharma CRM Software is easy to use and can help sales teams keep track of product information, orders, and shipments.

It makes it easy for pharmaceutical companies to sell their products and provides them with the tools they need to be successful.

phyzii crm pharma
phyzii crm pharma – image credit

What is Phyzii CRM Pharma?

As a pharma company, you need to have strong CRM software in place to manage your operations and data.

Phyzii Pharma CRM aka phyzii cipla is the perfect tool for this as it is designed to integrate with other business systems, making everything run smoothly.

It also offers features like patient management, product tracking, and inventory management, which are essential for any company that wants to stay ahead of the competition.

Overall, Pharma CRM Phyzii is an essential tool for any pharma company that wants to keep up with the latest trends, sales, marketing, and innovations.

Phyzii Pharma Platform Solutions

The Phyzii platform is made up of a number of solutions designed specifically for pharma salespeople with distinct objectives in mind.

These feature-rich products are built on the Phyzii CRM platform, which is natively scalable and versatile and on which these modules are built and integrated.

Since 2007, the entire pharma ecosystem, comprising of clients, users, and our own product team, has contributed to the creation and enrichment of Phyzii.

It is available in a variety of financial models on the cloud. The following verticals are supported by the Phyzii platform.

  • Pharma
  • Diagonostics
  • Hospitatls
  • Equipment
  • OTC
  • Devices
  • Animal health
  • Key accounts

How Does Phyzii CRM Help Manage Pharma Field Force Operations?

Phyzii Pharma CRM Software is designed to help you manage your pharma field force operations in an efficient and effective way.

The software is easy to use and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

It has various features such as patient management, inventory tracking, and financials that make it a comprehensive CRM software.

The reliability of the software makes it ideal for managing your business activities in one place.

Pharma Phyzii CRM Key Features

Appointment ManagementLead ManagementMarketing AutomationWorkflow Management
Calendar ManagementDashboardTerritory ManagementExpense Management
Campaign ManagementCustomizationInteraction TrackingProduct Catalog
Claims ManagementCustomer SupportInventory ManagementGamification
Client PortalCustomer Data BaseEmail TemplatesField Sales Management
CRM & Sales DashboardsSupplier and Purchase
Order Management
CRM AnalyticsReal-Time Analytics

Phyzii Pharma’s CRM Benefits

1. Increase Productivity: Phyzii CRM can handle all of the work with just a single system, allowing sales professionals to work more efficiently.

In real-time, it manages mass marketing automation as well as customer databases, multi-channel contacts, product databases, and analytics

2. Upselling and cross-selling: helps managers to evaluate historical sales data, understand customers’ order status and demographics, and assist in the development of customer-specific email marketing in order to boost revenue.

3. Physician and Campaign Management: The Phyzii CRM Cirrius manages physicians and promotions, making it simple for businesses to keep track of current ad campaigns.

4. Automate Everyday Tasks: CRM automates all sales activities and other minor procedures, allowing salespeople to focus on what they do best, like selling.

5. Order Management: Streamline the complete request fulfillment system and even reduce duplicate administrative work.

6. Sales Report Generation: Phyzii CRM can help to automate sales tasks such as order booking, assessment of sales predictions, inventory control, contact management, and more.

Phyzii CRM Cutting-Edge Features

Phyzii CRM Pharma provides all the necessary features to work in very tight environments seamlessly.

Other CRMs also provide the common features, but Phyziicare provides some of the cutting-edge features that is unique to Phyziicare only.

Below are the features that you should know about.


Customers and the mother MSL system are deduplicated.


For behavior change, an intelligent algorithm-based suggestion and nudge agent


A 360-degree view of the customer


The content approval process for medical, legal, and regulatory approvals


Incorporation of interactive gamified content into the playlist for detailing


For top management view and deep dive, a dynamic and configurable KPI heat map is available.

Phyzii CLM (Customer Lifecycle Management)

Phyzii CLM is a highly interactive and engaging e-detailing platform that helps physicians make more effective phone calls.

Below are the crucial features listed for CLM.

Actionable Insights

  • Segment Promotion
  • Content Enhancement
  • Adoption in detail
  • Facetime with a brand
  • Ordering

Targeted Playlists

  • Promotogram
  • Pages for Campaigns
  • Sequence of Pages
  • Locked Pages
  • Playlist by Segment

Effective Detailing

  • Content for reference
  • Offline Content
  • Rehearsal
  • Quick Navigation
  • Customization

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Phyzii CRM Covering Pharma Industry

The Phyzii CRM platform, also known as phyzii Cipla is a comprehensive automation platform that covers every aspect of pharmaceutical field force operations.

Below are the key features you should know.

These features provide functions at three levels: customer level, business level, and administrative level.

Business Productivity

  • Campaigns tracker
  • Prescription Tracker
  • Primary and Secondary Sales
  • Business Planning
  • Suggested Order
  • Intervention Workflow

Customer Centricity

  • Profiling of Customers
  • Network diagramming
  • Action Items
  • Surveys of clients
  • Auto Segmentation
  • List based on position

Administrative Efficiency

  • Inventory of a Sample
  • Call Scheduling
  • Attendance
  • Leave Workflow
  • Automated Expenses
  • Call Reporting

cipla phyzii login

Below is the phyzii pharma crm login page, you can type on the browser and go to the login page, enter your client ID, user name, and password that’s all.

phyzii crm login
Cipla phyzii CRM Login –

How does Phyzii CRM Pharma help in Lead Generation?

If you’re looking to generate leads for your business, Phyzii Pharma CRM software is the perfect tool for you.

This software allows you to create custom lead lists, follow up on your contacts regularly, and track your leads easily.

It also has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use.

What’s more, through Phyzii Pharmas’s CRM software, you can generate leads from various sources, such as social media, email marketing, and lead-generation campaigns.

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Pharma Phyzii CRM Specifications

Phyzii Pharma’s CRM Supported Platforms

It supports the below-listed devices and operating platforms:

  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
  • Mobile-Android
  • Mobile-iPhone
  • Mobile-iPad

Phyzii Pharma’s CRM Users (Who can use it?)

  • Startups
  • SMEs
  • Agencies
  • Enterprises

Phyzii Pharma’s Best For?

It is primarily targeted at life sciences and pharmaceutical enterprises with sales force activities and is designed for businesses of all sizes.

Phyzii Pharma’s CRM Language Support

Phyzii Pharma’s CRM supports only English currently.

Phyzii Pharma CRM Starting Price

This award-winning software offers a wide range of essential features for businesses of all sizes, making it the most efficient and effective CRM on the market today.

Plus, its starting price of Rs 499/-per-user makes it very affordable for small businesses.

So why wait? Sign up for a free trial of this powerful CRM today!

Alternatives to Phyzii Pharma CRM

There are several alternatives to Phyzii Pharma CRM, all of which offer great features and capabilities for sales teams. Some of the most popular include:

  • Salesforce
  • ZohoCRM
  • GOFRUGAL Pharmacy
  • RedBook
  • Hubspot
  • SRx
  • Liberty
  • Winpharm

Phyzii Pharma’s CRM Awards

Phyzii Pharma has been awarded the CRM of the Year Award by Frost & Sullivan.

This prestigious award confirms that Phyzii Pharma is a leader in this field and offers excellent services to its customers.

#1 Pharma CRM India Phyzii CRM

#3 Pharma CRM in the World Phyzii CRM

The company was praised for its innovative customer relationship management solutions, which make it easier for companies to manage their customer relationships.

The CRM of the Year award is a testament to Phyzii Pharma’s dedication to customer satisfaction and its commitment to providing the best possible service.

PHYZII CRM Customer Services

Phyziicare provides mainly four services to its valued customers.

Operations Services

On behalf of the customer, forming an operations team to handle administration and end-user engagement.

Training Services

Trainers and/or end users are trained in the operation and troubleshooting of the Phyzii Platform by experienced product professionals.

Implementation Services

From scoping and mapping through going live and hyper care, they provide comprehensive implementation services.

Support Services

Phyziicare’s client operations team provides email or phone support after deployment for all types of difficulties and requests.

Final Decision

Phyzii Pharma CRM is software that is designed to streamline your business processes.

With its easy-to-use interface, Phyzii Pharma CRM makes it easier for you to manage your sales and customer interactions.

Moreover, its award-winning features make it one of the most preferred CRM software programs.

If you’re looking for CRM software that can help you manage your business better, Phyzii Pharma CRM / phyzii cipla is a great option to consider!

Phyzii CRM FAQ

What is phyzii login URL?

Pharma CRM Phyzii Login URL is –

What is phyzii

Pharma CRM Phyzii CRM is developed by Cirrius software company, you can log in to the URL

What is Phyzii Cipla CRM Software

Cipla is one of the top pharma companies in India using #1 Pharma CRM India Phyzii CRM.

What is phyzii crm cadila pharma?

Cadila pharmaceutical is using #1 Pharma CRM India Phyzii CRM to manage the customer, operations, sales, production, and distribution.

What is phyzii CRM alembic pharma?

Alembic Pharma is also using Pharma CRM Phyzii software to manage its operations, sales, marketing, and customers.

What is phyzii crm cirrius home website?

Phyzii CRM Cirrius parent company website is

How to book a Demo of Phyzii CRM Pharma Software

Go to this website and click on the Request a Demo button, provide your contact details.
The sales team will contact you soon to provide you with the product demo

Who are the main customers using Phyzii CRM Pharma Software?

Happy customers are Cipla, Cadila, Alembic pharma, Abbott Nutrition, Zydus, Bayer, Aristo, Sun Pharma and many more top pharma companies are using Pharma CRM Phyzii

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