project management software monday

Project Management Software Monday Review

Today in this article you will learn a complete review of project management software

When you go to the office on Monday, that is the very first day of the working week.

But can you think of stress-free management of your ongoing project, its progress, deadline, reviews, and collaboration?

Well, you can do this with the help of, a comprehensive most advanced project management software tool

that comes complete with features, pricing, and the free trial that makes it an ideal choice for busy professionals.

Not only, there are several project management tools available

but which one is really worth your time, is a really tough decision to make for a small business or large.

In this blog post, today we’ll deep dive and

take a close look at the good and bad side of Monday project management software, as well as provide a full review of the software.

So whether you’re looking for a free trial or want to learn more about the features and pricing of this popular software, keep reading until the end!

project management software monday
project management software monday

What is the Need of Project Management Tool

Nowadays delivering projects to customers that should be error-free, and on time,

that is a real tough task for managers, and team leaders.

Because most professionals are working from home,

this is the main reason, Project management has become an essential software tool for any size of business.

It makes sure the success of a project while minimizing potential risks.

A poorly executed plan can lead to many undesirable consequences, such as wasted time and

money, missed deadlines, and even employee frustration.

There are plenty of resources available that can help with project management- from online tools to training sessions.

The most important thing is to use the right software tool for the task at hand and keep track of your progress via dashboard reports.

Monday, the first day of the week is often considered the most important day in a business week because it’s when projects have their peak momentum.

Leads and Managers decide the whole week’s direction on the first day – to make sure the team is well prepared to complete the weekly task.

Sales CRM Monday.Com Reviews

What is is one of the best, most efficient, and trusted project management software tools available in the market today.

A Project Management Software that is highly essential for PMO teams, project Leads,

and manager professionals to manage their resources, projects, customers in one place.

It offers a wide range of features and functionality for managers, team leads

which makes it perfect for busy professionals looking for a tool that will help them stay organized, efficient, and on task.

Plus, its pricing plans are definitely worth the investment, and for the testing purpose,

they have a free trials and lifetime free only for individuals!

this feature gives an extra advantage in making the right decision.

Benefits of Using is a SaaS-based software tool that can be very useful for project managers.

It offers an overview of the project status at any given time, as well as notifications of changes or updates to the project.

Additionally, it allows you to upload files and add notes, all in one place, which makes managing your project tasks much faster.

you don’t have to search through different platforms or email multiple people with important information.

This web-based software has a multitude of features to help you stay organized,

like a calendar that lets you see upcoming tasks and deadlines at a glance. Project Management tool can also be helpful in avoiding last-minute stressors.

For example, the software can be used to plan your workweek in advance, and the task manager can help you prioritize and manage your work.

Overall, Work OS is a great tool for anyone looking to get a head start on their workweek and avoid any last-minute headaches.

Overall, provides an excellent platform for keeping track of deadlines and ensuring

that all stakeholders are updated on the progress of your project for clear understanding.

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“Monday” is often the busiest day of the week, which means more work for everyone on that day. Project Management Software has features to help you manage this extra workload using well-organized workflows.

The workflow process keeps your project tasks organized and easy to follow for team members,

so you can only focus on what’s important for the project, and not another irrelevant task.

Additionally, the chat functionality allows you to connect with other team members

and ask questions in a group or personal about workflows, steps or project task completion, etc.

So, whether you’re a first-time user or an experienced project manager, Project Management Software Tools has something for you!

Here is the list of Key features of the project management software tool.

1. Centralize and Plan Projects

monday project management software dashboard
Monday project management software dashboard – credit is a project management software tool, that helps in centralizing and planning your projects from starting to completing.

In the dashboard, you can easily connect and manage more than one project from one place.

You can customize your dashboard project-wise, do assign the task to your teammates,

and understand their performance, overall project progress, and risks—so that you can always keep moving forward.

2. Streamline all projects

Streamline all the projects in Project Management Software monday
Streamline all the projects | Credit –

You can Streamline all your projects in one place to deliver your best work to the company.

In the dashboard, you can automate all project-required approvals steps and tasks,

notifications, and follow-ups to approvers and give this valuable time to other activities.

You can use easily set up custom forms in your dashboard just by dragging and dropping to get an instant track of your project progress.

Create new proposals, track the previous proposal approval status, and check the follow-up history and their responses to stay updated on your work.

3. Effective Team Collaboration

Project Management Team Collaboration
Project Management Team Collaboration – credit

Collaborating with all the project team members is very easy.

This software Brings every team member together over one common platform for chatting or audio or video call and that can be one-to-one or with a group.

You can effectively communicate your message to the team, you can easily announce the resource allocation for any important task.

You can ask the updates from any resource and help them immediately if they are stuck somewhere in the project task.

You can also inform about the new changes in the project in real-time with the team to move forward with the latest changes.

4. Performance Monitoring

Project Management Performance Monitoring
Project Management Performance Monitoring | Credit

You can always monitor your own performance for each project to make confident decisions for the next one.

You can view the status of all of your projects at a glance with clear visibility, graphical visuals, and intuitive project dash boards charts to stay on track and reach your goals.

you can do a deep analysis of each project’s weak and strong areas and

Replace the resources or talk to them if they are underperformer or appreciate them if they are doing well to motivate them.

5. Execution of project lifecycle stages

you can easily execute every stage of the project life cycle from one place to managing and completing the project on time.

Project management template – You can reach your goals much faster and more efficiently by using Monday project management software.

It has pre-build templates so that you can create repeatable project structures just by duplicating, and automating your manual tasks in this template.

Project Management Template – credit

Template Of Portfolio management – You can Manage edit, add, and delete tasks in your entire project portfolio using this template and execute every step with proper visibility.

You can easily visualize the tough situations of the project, risks, delay,s and take the proper action before the time to meet the project deadlines. Project Portfolio Management Template
Project Portfolio Management Template – Credit

Project Planning Templates – Create a proper project plan layout, its scope, budget details, Pre defined milestone dates, what are the dependencies, its baselines functionality.

Full details of team members with their skills, and many more all these at one place using the templates.

You can assign the task owners and contributors who will work on that task, specify the deadlines,

set the reminders to get the progress updates, and know where everything stands in the project.

Project Planning Templates
Project Planning Templates – Credit

Risk Register Templates – Risk Management is one of the key factors of any project.

you can easily Calculate the project risks task-wise in advance during the work only.

You track them easily, monitor, and remove the risk elements to complete the project on time by taking timely action in the team.

Project Risk management Template
Project Risk management Template – Credit

Project dashboards Templates – You can connect all your projects and Easily gather the information and visualize high-level project progress data in the dashboards.

you can create multiple dashboards such as the budget of the project like how much was planned, goals and where we are, schedules of the meetings.

Allocated resources project-wise, and more activities.

Project Dashboards Templates
Project Dashboards Templates – Credit

Check Out the Free 14 Days Trial now

pros and cons Of Project Management Software monday

If we talk about this project management software’s pros and cons, there are fewer cons than pros because this software is really built to solve real-life project management problems.

pros is an excellent tool for time and project management activities.

Easy integration with other tools like MS Teams, Outlook, Group Meetings, and many more

It saves you the hassle of searching for information and helps to organize your work in a convenient online system.

Multiple project management at one dashboard to increase your productivity.

14 Days Free Trial without adding a credit card which gives companies enough time to make their decision to buy it or not.

If you are an individual just like a startup company, you can use project management software on lifetime free.

you as an owner will get enough time to decide if this tool is really worth taking the license version or not.


  • Difficult to track the project goals in project management software
  • you can not assign the comments from task owner to any team member
  • Managing the dependencies of the task is not properly aligned.
  • Events, activity logs storage is limited
  • No feature to capture any new idea from the project team members
  • pricing and features are bit expensive based on category

Review and Ratings

NapDeals rating of this project management software is 4.5/5, overall considering customer support, performance, ease of use, pricing, social factors, etc.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Project Management Software reviews on the Trustpilot site are also excellent 4.3/5, which shows amazing customer trust in this software company.

Reviews on Trustpilot

Pricing project management software tool has various pricing models, which you can select based on your organization, and team size.

Free – Lifetime free for individuals/small companies, 2 team members are allowed to use this project management software free for a lifetime.

they can create up to 1000 tasks in this free version.

Basic – in the basic projects plan pricing starts at $9 seat/month, it allows unlimited free viewers to see your team progress as viewers.

you can create unlimited tasks and projects in this basic version.

this version alow has Android and an iOS mobile app version for ease of use.

You can also try it free for 14 days without adding a credit card.

Standard Projects Plan – pricing starts at $12 seat/month, it allows a calendar view, timeline, and Gantt Chart view of project progress.

You can set the guest access and project milestone as well in this version.

You can set 250 task automation per month, and can try it free for 14 days as well.

Pro Projects – pricing starts at $20 seat/month, it allows personal dashboard and docs.

Resource allocation feature, you can also set the dependencies of tasks.

25000 automation actions per month, free trial available in this plan.

Enterprise Projects Plan – For this plan you need to contact the sales person of

in this version you will have all advanced features, unlimited reporting charts to automation tasks you can perform.

set the permission at multilevel, project life cycle management, create the portfolio as well, and many more features.

Alternatives to Project Management Tool is not the only project management software in the market, however, there are other alternatives as well and you can explore them.

Here are the top 5 other PMO/Project Management Software tools:

1. ClickUp Project Management software.
2. Wrike Project Management.
3. Asana Project Management.
4. Scoro Project Management tool.
5. Trello A project management software.


As someone who values time management, it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the project management software Monday.

However, like anything else in life, there are pros and cons to the popular Monday project management software as well.

In this blog post, we’ve reviewed the good and the bad of this software so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s the right tool for you.

If you’re still undecided about whether or not Monday project management is the right tool for your business, just try for 14 days free trial and then make a decision.

In the meantime, we hope that this blog post has helped you make a more informed decision. stay connected for more similar articles on


Is good for project management?

in our project management software Monday review process we found this is the best tool for your organization, ratings, and reviews are also excellent on various global platforms.

Is project management software Monday free or not? is free for individuals, 2 members can use this software free for a lifetime with limited features.

Does the Monday project management tool Gantt charts?

Yes, it provides a Gantt Charts feature but in the paid version.

Are Monday projects free?

Monday projects tool is free only for 2 people or small businesses.

Is a PPM tool?

Yes, Monday project management software provides all the features for PPM management, and easily creates project portfolio management, try it for a 14-day free trial without adding a credit card. awesome deal! vs ClickUp and ClickUp are web-based Project management software that helps you manage your work and collaborate with teams. Read more in vs ClickUp

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